What you have to know when you rent a car


Renting a car doesn’t represent a lux, and most of time it’s a necessity.Even if you have the car in service, and the traffic in Bucharest is a real adventure, even if you are in holiday in Romania and you want to rediscover the beautiful places, renting a car is the best choice.

In case you rent a car from a new company, you should be careful at some details:

1.Don’t choose the company by low prices; you can be surprised because the car isn’t new, it could have many kilometers at board, or you can find additional charges when you retrieve the car, for exemple: insurance to pay, TVA which wasn’t included in the price or in the limited mileage.

2.Be careful at availability and at the rent model, to assure that the car chech your requirements:roomy trunk, enough places or 4×4 traction.Destination and the reason of your holiday are also very important.If you travel in a big city like Bucharest or Brasov, it’s excellent if you rent a small car that will help you in traffic or in parking places.

3.Don’t forget about the season you travel, so in summer you should choose a car with conditioning air and if you have enough money for renting, in winter choose a 4×4 car.

4.Be careful at renting general requirements of the company: minimum duration of renting(a few hours or a day), the renting date.

5.Be careful at the contract that you sign.You should understand all of the clauses.A serious company has the rental agreement wrote at least in English and Romanian.

6.The giving and receiving of the car is made obligatorily in front of an employee; it is better for you and also for the company to avoid the discussions about the car mood, the level of fuel or additional elements: GPS, box for luggage.

7.Most of the rent a car companies request a corresponding security deposit with rented car.This amount will cover any degradation of the car and you will receive it at the end of the period.

8.If you rent for the first time from that company, make sure that it has an office, in the city or at the airport where you wil sign the rental agreement.

9.Don’t get impressed by the company site;a big number of cars on the site doesn’t mean if you have a problem with that car anywhere in Romania, will be someone who will help you.

If you found the rent a car company in which you can trust, work with it, the advantage will be on both sides.

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