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The pleasure to driving a 4×4 car

The pleasure to driving a 4×4 car

What would be more interesting than going in winter on mountain narrow roads or on a country road with a 4×4 car? Francrocar Rent a Car offer  for rent a wide range of cars with 4×4 traction.With manual or automatic gearbox, with 5 or 7 places, you will find at Francrocar a car after everyone desires and possibilities.

For a  low budget, Francrocar propose to rent  SUV from range Mitubishi: ASX model with manual gearbox.

Easy to drive, diesel, with low consumption both in town and on the open road, Mitubishi ASX offers comfort and safety.

For large families or for those with many luggage, Francrocar propose form Chevrolet range: Captiva model with automatic gearbox.Even if the 7 places are full indoor comfort and generously sized, will make your journey pleasant both for the driver and for other travaelers with Chevrolet Captiva.


If you want more comfort and power, Francrocar order a large range of luxury Mercedes ML  with automatic  gearbox.Reliable, silent, with options that increase the comfort of the travelers.

Don’t hesitate! You will find at Francrocar the adaptated model to your needs and budget.

Proposed models by Francrocar for rent will be the ideal partener in your journey in Romania.

In addition , Francrocar loyal customers have significant reductions.

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